Chatte Rasee – A Unique Holiday Destination

The town of Chatte Rasee is a popular tourist destination in Kerala and is located in the south-west corner of India. Situated at an altitude of about 400 metres, Chatte Rasee is one of the most popular hill stations in the country. You will get a variety of flora and fauna, as well as some exotic beaches which offer a great getaway to Kerala.

The town of Chatte Rasee has been a favorite of people for centuries, and for good reason. It is located on the hill-line, with a spectacular view of the sea and the hills. The town is mostly built on hillsides, with a few settlements nearby. All in all, it is a pretty village, and there are many lovely little shops, as well as traditional bazaars and a large number of places to stay.

The Hill Station is a wonderful place to visit, as there are so many different things to do. There are so many different species of wildlife in the area, ranging from birds to elephants. There are so many beautiful beaches to be explored, and there is plenty to see and do during your trip to the hill station.

There are various activities for tourists visiting the town, ranging from water sports to trekking. There is a number of wildlife sanctuaries that offer tours of the local wildlife in the area. One of the best places to go during your visit to Chatte Rasee is Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, which is home to some of the rarest species of bird in Kerala.

Other wildlife sanctuaries in the area include Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary and Alleppey National Park. These are excellent wildlife sanctuaries for wildlife enthusiasts, and will provide you with the opportunity to get close to some of the wildlife in the area.

Chatte Rasee is a fantastic place to visit, and is a must for anyone who wants a place that has a unique culture, along with some of the best wildlife sanctuaries in the entire world. If you are looking for some great family holidays in Kerala, you really should consider a trip to Chatte Rasee.

With everything available to do, there are several things that make this place a great holiday getaway. You can enjoy a day out on the beach, or if you prefer, you could try a water skiing lesson or go for some snorkeling lessons. You could also choose a tour of the surrounding area, or take part in some water skiing in the evenings.

You could spend the day hiking, or perhaps you would rather have a great time in the mountains. The best time to visit Chatte Rasee is in the summer months, which are the warmest months of the year, as well as the driest.

One thing that most people find especially enjoyable in Chatte Rasee is the fact that there is a lot of historical value to be found. There are many churches and temples to visit, and if you visit in the evening, you may even see some of the many historical sites in the area, such as the ancient abode of the great Maharaja of Devarajan. There are also the impressive fort of Fort Kochi, and the famous Thoothukudi temple, which is believed to be the biggest one of all.