How Christina Khalili Channels Her Nude Self in ‘Naked’ Videos

This morning I happened to look at my Twitter feed and saw that there were several comments about a certain tweet by Christina Kilmour. Some followers were not happy about it, claiming that she had crossed the line, and that she should be more careful. Others were supportive of her, pointing out that she had a right to show off what she had on, and that they would support anything she did if she decided to use her « no holds barred » style in the future. So who is right, and who is wrong?

Well, let me pose the question to you, and I will answer it based on my own personal experience with celebrities, and their public persona. The only thing we can really do is watch celebrities, especially those that are well known, such as Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Paris Hilton. These are the kind of stars we can judge by their actions, and there are some pretty sick and twisted people out there that play upon their public persona to the extreme, so it is hard to say whether or not any of these ladies crossed any boundaries.

In the case of Christina khalil the situation is slightly different. In an internet article written by someone claiming to be Christina, she refers to her videos as « nudes ». This raises a few eyebrows, and it would have been easy to write an article or even just a blog post saying « these are my nudes, anyone who asks me about them is welcome to have them ». However, the fact that she is coy around the issue may indicate that she is not comfortable discussing it with the general public, so she has chosen to keep mum until she is more comfortable doing so. This also makes it seem as if she has chosen her niche very carefully, because the subject of her videos is obviously closely tied to her personal life, which is one of the hallmarks of her success, so it is hard to see how she could choose to discuss it with the general public, but it looks as if she is at least content with having the photos and videos on the internet now.

It would seem that Christina is in a different place than the internet’s youthful generation. The youth tends to be more open and frank about sex than their parents, and that is great news for Christina and her fans. As she ages, she will most likely find that her videos will become more blurred, because she will require more privacy. In the past, she might have talked about her porn videos, but today she seemed content just getting her photos and videos out there.

One of the reasons that Christina’s fans are so glad for her presence is because she is so humble. When she is happy and succeeding in her career she is not as concerned about fame and glory. She is happy with her life, and she is content to let other people help her achieve her dreams, and to make money off of those dreams. While this may be a little different from what many women want to hear today, it is a quality that most women wish they had. Being self-assured and confident of your own sexuality is something that most women wish they had, and it is refreshing to see a woman who is happy to accept her sexuality without the need to seek it outside of work. This is a quality that we can all benefit from in our own lives, and it is certainly refreshing to see someone who is living a normal life while doing what she wants with her body.

It is important to remember that it was just one video, and that she had to put the video on her website before putting it on YouTube. This means that she was making money off of something that very few people saw. This shouldn’t discourage anyone from following her because if she keeps up with this kind of work, then it won’t be long until she is a major name in the world of social media marketing. All of us who were impressed by her video should keep watching her videos, because the quality of them is excellent and the message she puts out there helps women all over the world. It is refreshing to see someone achieving something so far out of the norm, and it is also good to see someone who is confident enough in herself to do it.