What is Coqnud?

Coqnud, the Latin meaning of Concretus is literally a « cleansing. » This is not to say that it is a purgative or a laxative. It is merely a means by which we cleanse our energies. For thousands of years people from various cultures have used herbs and natural products to cleanse their energies and facilitate a feeling of well being. Coqnud has a slightly different purpose: it is an energy-body cleanse.

If we do not cleanse our energies, they will begin to accumulate, become stagnated and get out of balance. A stagnant energy field has little if any life force to pull to it. The flow of energy through us is deflected by a lot of mental and emotional stuff. We often feel uncomfortable, depressed, listless and lifeless. Our thoughts become repetitive, and we are so busy trying to figure out how to fix the world around us that we sometimes forget to fix ourselves. We need to clear away this blockage and reconnect with ourselves.

Through Coqnud massage we can clear away these blockages and reconnect with our own source of energy. In fact, Coqnud is a great massage for the entire body. It works wonders for the lymphatic system, the major support system of the human body. Cleansing the lymph nodes allows your body to restore itself to its natural state. This in turn rejuvenates the mind, the body and the emotional state.

With regular Coqnud treatments you can restore your body’s PH balance. This balances everything in the body, including your emotions. When you are feeling depressed, you should take a relaxing bath with CoQ10 and then have a few Coqnud massages. The effect of the two together can be amazing. You will find that when you have a good day, you feel good, your spirits rise, and you are ready to face whatever challenges you face in the future.

Our minds need constant nourishment to survive. During stressful times, it is important to find ways to relax our mind. Through Coqnud, you can enhance your mind’s ability to relax and release negative energy. This can be very helpful in everyday life, and not just in stressful situations.

Another benefit of Coqnud massage is that it increases the circulation of blood in the muscles. This helps all the muscles in the body to work more effectively. This in turn helps to tone them up. You will find that after your first session of Coqnud, you feel more relaxed and your body is glowing with energy!