Le Profieux

The world has been introduced to Vidos, a young French girl from southern France who loves movies. This girl’s dream is to be like her favorite French superstar Lea Michele and get involved in the pornographic movie industry. She dreams of having a leading role in a high-budget sex film that she will star in while she is still in high school. Her dream comes true as Vidos makes her debut in one of the most talked about films of 2021 called Le Profieux (The Pleasure Seekers).

Le Profieux is directed by Anna Pigno, who also produced and directed the German film The Nanny Diaries. Pigno also co-produced the film with her associate Benoit Caron. The movie revolves around the story of a middle-aged woman who lives a quiet life in a small town in France. One day, she receives a call from her sister, who tells her that her niece has been kidnapped by terrorists from her country. When she goes to the scene of the kidnapping, Vidos stumbles upon a blonde girl who looks just like her idol, Lea Michele.

Le Profieux (Lea Michele) is one of the top selling stars in the French film industry today. She plays the lead role of Lea Michele, a successful writer who lives an idyllic life in a small country village. She dreams of becoming a famous writer when she grows up. One day she gets a visit from an art dealer from her hometown who introduces her to Vidos, who turns out to be an aspiring director. He wants Lea to be his model but she tells her that she prefers working with children in child actors union. To make it look like she is more interested in writing books than becoming a star, Vidos tells Lea to come to Paris for an audition.

Le Profieux does her first audition in a shop where the proprietor attacks her and injures her badly. After this she visits her new agent, Patrick Simes, who tries to convince her to go for film de cul en francais, telling her that it’s the only film in France where she can display her talent. Le Profieux passes the audition and arrives in Paris where she receives warm welcomes from her new agent. At the film festival in Cannes, Le Profieux’s film de cul en Fran attracts a lot of attention. When interviewed by a French film reporter, Lea Michele reveals that she was unaware of the film’s title until after she had been called.

Le Profieux then travels to her aunt’s home in the countryside. She is taken ill and has to be hospitalized. While in hospital Lea meets Mathieu Amalric, a local artist who is responsible for bringing her back to life. Through his friendship, Lea comes to realise that she wants to be an actress, not just a film de la gauche. She thanks her aunt for letting her keep her secret and then goes to film school in the city.

Le Profieux eventually graduates and goes on to the theatre, where she meets the film director, Guy Ritchie. Guy invites her to join him at the Blackpool Pleasureland, where they are filming a movie about a mermaid. Le Profieux’s role in this film is almost as important as her appearance in the film de la gauche. She is seen as the only person who understands what the mermaid is feeling, as well as what the audience feels as the film progresses.