Watch a Film That’s Filmed in Barcelona

If you haven’t heard of the new film Pornocello yet, it is time you do. It is an adult film that comes straight to your door with it’s own trailer park. It is directed by Lucio Tanjie and promises to be the best film you have not seen in a long time. It statically opens in September at the Venice Film Festival. The film itself centers on an investigation of the exploitation of virgin olive oil in Brazil, and the infiltration of drug running and money laundering from narco-businessmen into Brazilian politics.

One thing you must know before seeing the film is that it is full of explicit scenes that may offend some adult viewers. It is recommended that you don’t watch it alone. You must let someone you know with clean hands or else you might get caught red-handed. In addition to that, if you are not from Brazil, you should leave the country until the film is over as many distributors only offer it in Brazilian language.

For those of you who live in or near Barcelona and would like to see the film, the most obvious place to go to is Cerdimi Lanes. This is a discreet day care center that offers a variety of adult entertainment activities. There are also many sauna and fitness centers in the city that will help you get in shape while watching your film. Not only is it legal to view porn here, you can rent them too! The only catch is to bring your own condom.

So how does one view a film called film for noir? The internet remains the best way to gain access to any film you want. Online search engines are your best bet but be sure to use the safe search engine. This will prevent you from downloading any illegal files that could damage your computer or spy on you.

You can also watch the film for or via satellite TV. This is a bit more expensive than watching it via the internet but you will have access to channels that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, they air the film in its original Brazilian language. If you want a high quality picture and sound, you may need a dedicated satellite dish. For the average home, this shouldn’t be too expensive and you can usually order them online through the company that offers film packages.

The appeal of watching film por noir in Barcelona has given locals a whole new appreciation for nightlife in the area. Seeing this film at the theater would definitely encourage you to go out again. Who knows, you may even end up watching it during your next vacation!