Film Porcelain and Culture

Jai Tanju’s Film Por Vida exhibition at Soutkoforth Hertfordshire is on display in London till the end of June. This is a very big opportunity to promote local artists and talent through a large range of works including ceramics, pottery, glass, textiles, metalwork and woodwork from local artists. Jai Tanju is one of the many leading British artists who have chosen to exhibit at Soutkoforth. His ceramic piece ‘From The Dust’ is part of the ongoing Art + Food Festival at the Park Royal in Mayfair.

He states: « I make films as an expression of my frustration with contemporary British culture. I find that contemporary art has become too formulaic. I believe that porcelain is a very refined form of art, and that it is often misunderstood by people who think it represents pornography. Pornography should not be equated with fine art. I want to celebrate porcelain art and encourage young people to be proud of their achievements and express themselves through art. »

The Works of Jai Tanju include pieces which reference several subjects from his films including cars, bicycles, rugby, fashion, pornography, skateboarding etc. but with a strong Indian influence. He has developed his own style, which continues to evolve with time. He says: « My work is very different to the other Indian artists. I am influenced by Indian movie culture, specifically Bollywood, which has given me ideas about gender roles and how sexual scenes are depicted on screen. »

He adds: « I like to portray women as beautiful and alluring, while portraying men in a demure and affectionate manner. I like to point out that film-makers only focus on the sensual and erotic aspects of a relationship. They ignore the feelings and emotions that make it a successful relationship. My aim is to bring those emotions to light. »

He is very passionate about his art work and is extremely passionate about educating others about Indian Art and Indian Culture. He believes that « art is a part of life; without art life would cease to exist ». He believes « art forms a bridge between society and the inner self. Art is the way of expressing our feelings ». His desire is to continue to make « insider » visits to places in India and throughout the world where film-makers are based to share his work with the people there.

There are many Indian film stars like Mahesh Babu, Prem Chopra, Sushmita Sen, Kedar Patil, Madhubala Murthy, Mukesh Bhatt, Tarun Tahiliani, Jatin Lalit, Nanbanth Rai and others who have inspired him. Mr. Tanu’s eyes are set on international recognition with the help of « Pornography International ». The film will be screened at various film festivals and will be shown in different film centers.