Le Cordon Bleu – A Porno Follies Movie Review

It is easy to see why there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the film Pour Her Gaze. This movie, which is directed by Luc Jacquet and starring Gaelle Jacquet as two women, showcases some of the finest aspects of erotic cinema in the movies today. If you are familiar with the typical French New Wave flicks of the 1970s, you will immediately be familiar with this movie. Although not on the caliber of Le Radieux (Le Cordon Bleu), the movie nevertheless manages to create its own niche in the French film industry. This is most likely due to the explicit content that is rife in the film. It is no secret that women love to watch films where men can be seen performing sado-masochistic acts, like being struck by lightning, being impaled with metal rods, being sliced open with knives, etc.

The storyline of the film Pour Her Gaze revolves around a married couple who lives a life of luxury. However, when their marriage dissolves, they engage in a sexual affair to try to save what is left of their marriage. Needless to say, things go disastrously wrong, and they must find a way to have intercourse in order to satisfy their partners. However, when they do, they come across an old farmhouse where an old woman, named Anna (Sandra Oh), makes pornography. She tortures her husband (Sylvain Dupree) by selling him pornographic films that he had commissioned her to make and by threatening to expose his marital secrets to her lover (Anastasia Steele).

Pour Her Gaze is not only known for the gory and explicit scenes that are seen in the movie, but it also stars some of the finest actresses who ever graced the screen. This includes Anastasia Steele (Life in Color), Estelle Getty (The Perfect Match), blonde beauty Jessica Alba (Hollywood Mogul), brunette Pamela Anderson (Fireproof) and dancer Mel Gibson. With all these beautiful and enticing stars in the movie, the only thing that could be lacking from the movie would be the story.

The movie would be better without a plot. What you need instead is a plot where each of the characters solves a mystery that eventually results in the exposure of a hidden pornographic film. It would have been much more interesting if there were two or more films instead of one. Also, it would have been more interesting if the main characters could solve the mystery and then find a way to have intercourse afterwards. By the end of the film, the viewer would have been left wondering how and why these two characters ended up together in the first place.

Another interesting thing about this porno flick is the acting. Even if some of the scenes are explicit, the actors do not overdo it. They are able to perform all their scenes with a degree of inappropriateness. There are no scenes of explicit sexual content. The only time adultes gratuitously show their boobs or vagina is when they are caught on camera rolling around in bed.

Overall, Le Cordon Bleu is a good film. It will not win any awards for Best Picture, but it has its own fan base. It is not as shocking or mind-blowing as Sex and the City, but it is definitely a fun and entertaining film. That is why it should be watched by people who are not necessarily familiar with adult movies. It is more of a classy movie than anything else.