Le Cordon Bleu Amateurs (Movie Review)

In French, they call it le Cordon bleu! In English, it’s called porno two amateurs avec video! In this movie, two amateur French women perform a skit together and end up in adult video chat. The funny thing is that the man (or woman) on the camera was actually the boyfriend of one of the women in the video, so technically it isn’t really pornography.

The movie started life as an online video series called Le Cordon Bleu! It was filmed in four episodes and one of those episodes featured the very first film X! Porno Amateur France Amateurs de Cordon Bleu. The series ended its five-season run on April 16, 2021. The very next day, it was cancelled by the network.

The original web site for Le Cordon Bleu! contained only the twenty-one films, but a few were shot in real locations (such as Paris). This was before the world of adult video chat sites and dating sites. Now, the original intent of the film was to provide a source of amateur entertainment for people in countries where the movie industry is much more conservative than in the United States and United Kingdom.

The amateur segment of the video had many of the same ingredients that we see with adult movies. The women would get together in a place where they could be alone, have romantic dinners, and engage in erotic fantasies that often lead to sex. In one of the earliest known scenes, the woman masturbates with a cucumber. She then gives the cucumber to her friend, who then uses the cucumber to shave her back. Other explicit moments include a woman having sex while blindfolded and then riding a motorcycle!

Le Cordon Bleu! Amateurs, is available for sale on the internet for about one hundred and forty U.S. dollars on DVD. The movie itself is not all that bad, especially compared to some of the recent « sexy » films. I especially liked the shots of the women’s dress at the dinner table. It looks like a formal dinner, but somehow it still leaves a little bit to be desired. Still, the entire movie was fun, and I do enjoy seeing these amateurs have fun!

For those of us who have not seen the movie, we are left with some unfinished business after the credits roll. The internet is loaded with review copies of Le Cordon Bleu! Amateurs, and others. If you have never seen this type of movie before, you owe it yourself to check it out and see if you enjoy the odd humor and the steamy romantic moments between the two amateurs.