« A Secrets of Paradise Lost » – A Pornographic Feature-length Movie Review

In terms of artistic vision and impression, French films have been in the forefront since the advent of cinema. Their influence on the international film industry and the industry at large cannot be denied. Since its humble beginnings, French films have been making their mark in the international film fraternity for more than a century now. This is the case with « The Secrets of Paradise Lost » which is yet another masterpiece by Edith Scolding.

« Secrets of Paradise Lost » is the first film in the series « Vidos pornos gratuitis en francais vidos » or « Vidos pornos gratuitis ». Directed by Edith Scolding, the film depicts the early days of World War II in which the French Resistance is trying to save France from the advancing German army. The story follows two lovers, Paul (Philippe Moreau) and Yoland (Gaelle Boucher), who are both part of the resistance but have varying loyalties. The film depicts how the couple’s love gradually unites them against the common enemy and ultimately brings them both together. It also delves into the psychological and emotional complexities of a couple going through war and how the situation plays out for them in their personal lives.

There are several visual treats in « Secrets of Paradise Lost ». One must definitely watch the opening credits, which are extremely moving and breathtaking in showing the evolution of the film from the historical period to the present day. The second one is when the movie starts with a shot of the ruins of a German aircraft that was shot down over the English Channel during the Second World War. The destruction which the aircraft leaves behind is indeed very impressive visually. The subsequent shots of the bombed-out buildings of the town have a very eerie feel to them as if reminiscent of the history of the place. One would expect this from a film that depicts the destruction of such a town during the Second World War.

Other than the aerial shots, « Secrets of Paradise Lost » also has its fair share of erotic moments especially for the female viewers. Two of the more notable female characters in the film are Yoland and Paul. They spend most of their time kissing and caressing each other throughout the film and in some scenes they even perform a little sexual intercourse. However, the two lovers don’t engage in actual sex in the beginning of the film and this makes the film all the more interesting and romantic. It just shows that the two people involved have real chemistry and are able to move their relationship forward despite the obstacles they face.

In another scene, Paul notices how nice it feels having Yoland’s lipstick on. He licks Yoland’s lips and then asks if he can have her again, much to Yoland’s disappointment. Yoland tells her that she can’t give him her number because she doesn’t want to. The two lovers then share yet another moment together. « Secrets of Paradise Lost » is a remarkable film that showcases a wonderful relationship between two lovers who have so much faith in each other.

The best thing about « The Secrets of Paradise Lost » is that it is extremely short. There are only about twenty minutes’ worth of scenes that are presented. This makes the film very refreshing and easy to follow since there are very few plot twists. Pornography films have a tendency to drag on for far longer than they need to, so it is great to see films that are short and sweet that being able to convey their message with powerful imagery and powerful emotions.