What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Le Coq Nu?

Le Coq Sport is a French shoe company known mainly for its high quality workmanship and unique design. The le Coq is originally from France but has gone international in the last few years mainly due to its amazing comfort and fashion sense. The le Coq Nu is the company’s low top trainer which has recently taken the British public by storm. However, with such a huge range of shoes on the market it may be difficult to determine which one to buy.

Looking at the le Coq Nu, it almost certainly will not be your common everyday shoe as it incorporates a very unique design. There are actually two main components to this shoe: the upper and the sole. The uppers are a mixture of leather and fabric, which gives it a soft and slimming effect making it ideal for summer and for the office. The fabric used is light and cool and allows for air to circulate helping to keep you extremely comfortable throughout the day.

The main problem with the le Coq Nu is that it lacks any real versatility. It features one basic color which has been taken straight from the le Coq range but it is unable to stand out and be any different than any of the shoes from the range. However, this simplicity does help to make it highly popular amongst female customers. One of the problems with many women’s shoes is that they tend to get too busy and clog up their feet with too much detail and strap on several different pieces of unnecessary straps and laces. However, with the le Coq Nu this is not a problem as the upper simply clips onto the shoe easily with just one strap.

As well as being incredibly comfortable the design of these shoes means that they are extremely flexible and supportive. This is a huge bonus over some other shoes which can sometimes sacrifice a great deal of comfort for style reasons. A good example is the Skechers trainers which although made for a male customer have a built in female fit that means they can often be much more comfortable. As, well as this, the upper in particular is flexible and stretchy, so it offers an extra level of comfort.

As with most of Lelli Kelly range they are made from high quality materials, which should last for a long time. Although, as is usual, a few of the pairs are made from materials which do wear faster than others, such as canvas and suede, the majority of the shoe is constructed from high quality leather. Leather is known to last a long time and is very hard wearing, so the Lelli Kelly range will last a long while and is likely to continue to be popular for many years to come. This is important when you consider how much expensive designer shoes tend to go out of fashion and become little used as soon as they’ve been purchased and put away.

Of course, as with anything you buy, there are a few cons with the Le Coq Nu too. While it is possible to get your pair on the forefoot, this isn’t really recommended unless you have a naturally large foot or simply can’t stand on your toes! This is because the design of these shoes means that you will find the soles much more sticky than you’d otherwise like. This may be an easy solution if you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis, but if you have pain down your back due to wearing flat shoes then you’ll find that the heels of your shoes will rub against your bottom all the time, regardless of whether you’re wearing a heel bed, wedges or a normal sneaker. A better solution would be to have your orthopaedic specialist to give you a look at a pair of Lelli Kelly shoes and inform you which style will suit you best.