Camsoda – A Review on This Adult Video

In the next few months Liza Del Sierra will be returning to cam shows on adult video network « Camsoda ». It will be a very interesting test for the Spaniard. This will be her first exposure to the American adult entertainment scene and she is eager to see what kind of reaction she gets here. Her first show will be « A Girls Night In », on a live channel. Many Americans will probably be tuning in to see if she can top her previous bests. She has also expressed interest to shoot a few European shows.

In the meantime, Liza Del Sierra has been keeping up with her female fans with a heavy web presence. Mostly live on cam she’s been touching base with her die-hard fan base. In fact, she has even managed to launch a few web sites dedicated to her fan base. Let s face it, if it were up to Liza Del Sierra there’s no doubt that she would be topping the charts in her own home country of Spain in terms of hits.

In the meantime, Camsoda, the company she is now in partnership with has been trying to keep up with her popularity with new releases like « Scoop » and « Viva Benzoni ». Both of these shows are filmed in real Spanish bars and they are showing excellent ratings. Both women’s parts are extremely hot, which is expected given the popularity of these types of adult video productions.

Liza has proven that she is comfortable on camera. Her previous « cam lifestyle » has not changed. She wears sexy outfits and does « lady like » things on camera. In fact, many of her shows are shot in lingerie. While many of her fans may not like her to do this, they definitely appreciate the woman’s confidence and sense of sexuality.

However, « Camsoda » also features an entirely new genre of videos. This one is called « Seguirls ». These are shot entirely from behind and they are all sorts of fun. They show Liza looking sexy, doing naughty things, twirling around in a floor length maid dress and cackling with a male stripper.

For someone who is new to adult video clips, this is a great introduction to the world of « regular ». Plus, Seguirls is filmed with excellent lighting and close up scenes that really showcase the performer’s assets. If you have seen « Camsoda », you know that Liza looks great in a maid’s outfit. You also know that you will enjoy watching her twirl around in a miniskirt while cackling. « Seguirls » is definitely more entertaining than your average « Camsoda », but it is worth catching the first show if you are a fan of this kind of video.