« The Lost Boys (Movie Review)

With the new release of the film « The Lost Boys » comes a new animated movie called « Luna Park », which is directed by Ken Takahashi. The story of this movie is about a girl who lives in Luna, Japan and dreams of moving to Los Angeles.

Her family has a history of emigrating, including her grandparents who left from Tokyo to come to America in 1903, and her mother who came to America just a few months before them. After her parents leave her to go to high school, she soon gets into trouble with the law, including getting suspended for stealing.

She ends up attending school in Luna, Japan. While there, she meets a boy named Yuusuke Onishi, and he starts dating her. The two end up breaking up after he discovers that she is not who he thought she was.

Ken Takahashi then brings the story to America, where it was animated by the company Cartoon Network. The animation in the movie is pretty good, although the character design is pretty generic. However, I do like the story, as it is set in the LA in the 1970s.

One thing that really bothered me, though, is that one of the characters was played by Don Murray. His voice sounds really awkward, and he seems to be playing two or three characters at once. That is not at all believable, though, so I was disappointed that his performance did not enhance the movie’s storyline.

Overall, this was a fun movie that I liked. It was definitely better than the old « Luna Park » series. I am glad that Takahashi is bringing his « Luna Park » to America again, though, as I was not a huge fan of the earlier film.

The animation was pretty good, and the story was interesting. There were a few things that annoyed me, but overall, this was a fun film.

If you want to know more about the « Luna Park » series, you can visit my website. It has information about the original movie and other similar movies, as well as reviews of other Disney animation films. There are also some free website-sites out there that may have some information on the film.

In summary, « The Lost Boys » is another good film starring the lovely Meryl Streep, who plays the lead character, Luna, a girl who is from the Luna rival High School. I liked the storyline of the movie, and Meryl Streep was a nice addition to the cast. Overall, this was a decent film.