Only Dreams In Vain by Nathalie Andreani

With Only Dreams in Vain, Chef Nathalie Andreani delivers another cookbook filled with her signature style of cooking. The book has recipes from all over the world, covering everything from traditional cuisines to cultural favorites. These recipes will appeal to almost anyone, since the dishes are both delicious and have simple explanations for their ingredients and preparation methods. This book comes highly recommended for anyone who enjoys reading cookbooks and appreciates good food.

I particularly enjoyed the « First Course » for two reasons: the recipes were very tasty and the price was very reasonable. The recipes themselves were delicious. And it was nice to have the variety of recipes available for a fraction of what a restaurant would charge for the same meal. The recipes themselves included everything from basic French foods to Chinese to Indian fare. The recipes themselves also had simple explanations for their preparation and ingredients, which made them very easy to follow.

I especially enjoyed this book’s discussion on how to pair cuisines. There are sections on foods that go best together, pair well with one another, and the like. The book also talks about things like balance and proportion when creating a dish. It talks about using various textures in cooking and how they enhance the flavors and appeal of a dish.

However, I didn’t find much interest in the cuisine’s section of the book. It seemed like the recipes there were either very old or not that interesting. Also, the section on international cuisines seems to be very brief, even though there are plenty of recipes in the rest of the book. Other than those two minor things, I thought the recipes in Only Dreams in Vain did an excellent job of condensing several recipes into one quick guide. The recipes themselves were relatively easy to follow, although I do wish there was a few more recipes for specific types of food, as well as an explanation for a specific ingredient being used in a recipe. But other than that, this is an excellent cookbook for people who love to cook and want to learn.

I particularly liked the tips provided for meat lovers. There are sections on healthy meat, cooking techniques for different types of meat, and even exotic dishes. The book even includes some recipes you can make on your own from things you probably already have in your kitchen (great for the kids to learn from). If you are a meat lover and really enjoy cooking, this book will serve as a wonderful resource for many years to come.

Only Dreams In Vain is a great cookbook for those who love cooking, but don’t necessarily know how. It can cut down on the number of times you would need to go back to the kitchen when your favorite recipes are called for. For a lot of people, it’s just a matter of taking the time to make something special for dinner, and this cookbook does just that. Those who love cooking can enjoy a wide array of recipes without ever having to leave the comfort of their kitchen.