Google Bans People From Using Pornhub For Good

The Porn Hub, a favorite among the adult entertainment enthusiasts is gradually getting filtered from the popular search engine, Google. Recently, Porn Hub was banned by Google from most searches in the United States and some other parts of the world. This action was prompted by the fact that the website encourages its users to view adult content. According to Google, the Porn Hub website has obtained more adult content than that of Yahoo! Video.

Nevertheless, Google made an exception for the domain name that refers to pornography. This is in keeping with their general approach to Internet business. This new rule has aroused several questions among the porn watchers and website owners. Is Google really going against the interests of the general public or is this just another step in their plan to increase their profit margin through pornography?

This can only be confirmed by the website owners who are trying to cope up with the new rules of Google. They claim that the new rules are part of their overall efforts to make the site better; thereby, making it attractive to most of the visitors. However, some experts claim that this is not so. In fact, the new rules were implemented because they want to clamp down on the freedom of individuals to use the site for whatever they want. So, if people are using porn to satisfy their sexual desires, it is obviously unacceptable for Google.

But are these new rules of Google being taken seriously by the people using the Porn Hub? A lot of them are expressing their concern on various message boards and blogs. Most of them have expressed their fears on how this will affect their monthly income. They believe that using porn sites to fulfill one’s sexual fantasies is wrong and they would never indulge in it. But the fact remains that they can still look for porn using other websites besides Google.

One of the reasons why a lot of people are apprehensive about the new policy of Google could be the new feature that allows registered users to access adult-related videos without payment. Although, it is only available in the first version, many users are already accessing it. However, not everyone enjoys it; as a result, there are complaints about Google deleting accounts of those who are using the new site to access porn.

Some people are even saying that they will leave Google once this new feature is rolled out. And yes, if their accounts are deleted, they really would miss the feeling of visiting Porn Hub every day. But as long as they are accessing other sites, it is better than getting nothing from Google. After all, a person’s hard work is being used for something. After all, it is Google that gives people information on all the things that are available on earth; surely, it could do better than deleting information that people are searching for.