QOCNA: Five Tips for Choosing Your Vocabulary

Combination Games. The best way to win at Scrabble is to have a good strategy, a mixture of strategies like QOC or COQ. If you have a good combination then you have a good chance to beat your opponent. With this 5 letter sequence QOCNU you can create 23 words containing the same characters.

First, search a database of 1.200 million anagrams for synonyms. Search using partial matches with words containing qocnu, for example, « dog », « jerk », « fight », « raccoon » and so on. You might get « jerk dog », « mixed fighting dog », « fighting dogs » and so on. Once you find several synonyms, take the first few and average them to get a rough estimate of how many words may be found in any given game. Now, do the same thing for the remaining synonyms and your QOC list.

Second, add up all the word estimates and get a final word count. Add the word estimates together and determine the total word length. Find the highest scoring word for each game that doesn’t appear in the list of partial matches. These words are usually words with synonyms in the dictionary or a synonym for the QOC word you just created.

Third, use the high low technique. Play a friend. Have them call you on their phone while you’re playing a game. Each time they call you, give them a play by calling them on their cell phone. This can become an addictive « game » since you might be getting QOC for every friend who calls you!

Fourth, use a dictionary from the American Dialect Society (ADCS) or the Oxford Dictionary Guide to the English Language (OWEFL) to check for inconsistencies between the dictionary you’re using and the synonyms in your Vocabulary or Word Database. You might have a friend whose father’s mother’s mother was a maiden. Your friend’s mother is a woman. Use the dictionary for synonyms of Waterford and your own short list of synonyms for the synonyms of Waterford. If these do not appear in either the dictionary or the OEFL, discard these from further consideration because they are obviously incorrect.

Fifth, check for word similarities between synonyms in your database and the synonyms in the Oxford English Dictionary. synonyms are very similar to one another in meaning. For instance, the word « beef » is really a synonym for « eat » but this does not mean that you should include it in your Vocabulary or Word List. The synonyms are obviously different, and you’ll want to make sure they also fit your synonyms list. If the synonyms are very similar the choice is easy, if however the synonyms are very different from the OE may rule out the synonym.