Book Review: Sexgratuit Franais by Anna Pausch – A Book Review

A great sex book in French is Sexgratuit Francais by Anna Pausch. This book is a fun and easy read that makes the reader crave for more of what this author has in store for them. Anna Pausch has translated her love for French literature into an enjoyable and easy to read erotic story. The sex scenes are hot and heavy, and this book will make both partners feel great.

What separates this book from other seduction classics? Most romance novels just take the reader through the story line and gloss over the actions and expressions. However, Pausch takes things one step further by letting us see some of the characters and their thoughts throughout the book. This is important as it lets the reader get involved in the story, which is what we all love to do when reading a book like this.

In Sexgratuit Francais, Anna Pausch introduces us to several interesting and engaging characters who are not only interesting to read about, but are also well drawn. These characters include a young man who seems to be in love with a Chinese girl, a poor but passionate taxi driver, and a middle-aged man suffering from writer’s block. All of these people have secrets that are revealed in great sex stories, and each book ends with one of the characters sleeping with the person they are with. The main characters are depicted in a very vulgar manner, which I found to be a bit disturbing at times. Luckily, there is a section in the bottom of each page where you can find a synopsis of the sex story.

The sex scenes in this book are not explicit and shocking. They are depicted with humor and are just moments that add a touch of lightness to the otherwise steamy scenes. Some of the scenes are so hot and heavy that they may cause some to faint. On the other hand, the writing style is clear and easy to follow.

Anna Pausch offers readers plenty of material on how to make sex more fun and enjoyable. She also teaches you how to express yourself through words, which is an invaluable skill that can be useful in finding the next lover. These sex stories are not for the squeamish. They are filled with fun and excitement and will make even the most macho men feel ashamed of their lack of manliness!

Sexgratuit Francais by Anna Pausch is a great book on sex stories that any man would be proud to read. The writing style is clear and easy to follow and the content is full of exciting dialogue and descriptions that will get any reader excited. The author has given the reader plenty of tips on sex ranging from the basics to more advanced techniques. If you are looking for a good book on sex that is full of fun and direction, then this is a great book for you!