What Is Sexe Felin?

« Sessions with a Spermator » by Carol Costello is a manual for couples who would like to try out the new technique of male enhancement known as « Spermatoration ». The main thrust of the book is to inform the reader that the technique is not only an effective way to increase the sperm count, but also an experience that can lead to a much more satisfying sex life. While not particularly written in a way to encourage men to use this technique to start a family, Carol Costello does point out that the use of the « semenator » will help increase the number of climaxes that are possible for women, as well as allowing for more intense orgasms. It is not a book that are specifically for couples who are trying to become parents, but it is certainly a book that can be enjoyed by anyone interested in trying out sex toys and/or sex enhancement techniques.

As the title suggests, Sexe Felin literally translates as « sea cat » in French, and it is possible to see how Carol Costello might have picked such a name. In the first few pages, we learn about the lifestyle and practices of the ancient tribes of France, and there are an abundance of information about sperms and the role they play in the ecosystem, both in terms of fertilization and parenting. It is a quick read, but if you are a newbie at sex and would like some basic information about the different kinds of male enhancements available to men, then this manual could be very useful. The focus of the book is on how sperms function in the female body, and Carol Costello does a good job of explaining how they work and why they are beneficial to women.

Sexe Felin is mostly about arousal and orgasm, and even goes so far as to talk about what kinds of lubricants are best (amazingly, she even writes about using KY Jelly as an alternative to Vaseline!). But there are several interesting sections that go into things like the differences between male and female sperm, the benefits of castration for men, and why some people have more energy and stamina than others. The entire book reads more like a how-to manual than a novel, and if you want to know how to get pregnant (or just want to try your hand), then this is definitely a good place to start. If you have already been trying for a while with no success, or are just looking for some new information, then you will probably find this not too helpful.

Categories Et Al is similar to the previous manual in that the primary focus of the book is how the sperms work in the female body. Sexe Felin also touches upon the issue of new tags, and the importance of eliminating them in order to achieve optimal fertility. The real meat of the book however, is how to use various natural treatments to encourage sperms to develop properly inside of the woman’s body. There is detailed instruction on how to treat hormonal imbalances, and this book does a great job at defining what this imbalance means for conception chances. The section on the ovaries goes into the physiology behind why ovulation takes place, and the different kinds of fertilization that are possible.

The biggest part of the book however is the manual on how to deal with fertility issues. The sections on medical kerosis, pubertal Lagrange dysfunction, endometriosis, and eggshell anatomy are all very detailed. It goes into a great deal of detail about the medical conditions that affect fertility, and how they affect you as a male and female. Sexe Felin also touches upon a number of ways to increase sperm count and size, as well as how to deal with new tags and varicose veins.

In addition to all of this great information, there are some very helpful pictures to help illustrate points. The manual covers topics like how to have sex during certain times of the month, how to determine the correct timing for intercourse, as well as how to know if an orgasm is in order. There are even sections on how to have sex without a condom and how to desist from using oral contraceptives. This book not only provides valuable information on fertility, but it’s also a very practical manual for people who are having trouble getting pregnant. For anyone who is having troubles, or wants to understand more about how to conceive, this is a great book to read.