Sexe Plage – A Place to Enjoy the Romance in Your Life

The Sexe Plage is a small cinema situated in the village of Plage in the commune of Bessemer. This quaint little commune nestled in amongst the green hills and pebbles of its historic market town attracts a regular crowd to its nightlife. One of the great things about the Sexe Plage is that it is home to many fine cinema halls such as the Picturehouse Cinema and the Plage Movie House. There are also a few smaller but still good independent movie theatres dotted around.

Cinema goers will be pleasantly surprised to discover that not only does the Sexe Plage have some great local cinema, but also some high-class international films being shown. This means that no matter what time of the week you decide to visit you can be sure to find an evening of your choice filled with the latest and greatest in independent film. If you want to be caught up with the latest Hollywood blockbusters then make your way over to the Odeon Cinema, which happens to be one of the biggest night spots in town!

However, if classic horror movies are more your preference then don’t worry because there is plenty to choose from as well. If classic black and white horror is more your speed, then head over to the Plage Cinema where you can enjoy a gory display of horror movies to die for. For those on a really tight budget then there is no harm in looking into renting a video rental rather than buying a ticket to the Sexe Plage. Just remember to return the videotapes in perfect condition as if you so choose! This may be one of the few occasions you get to watch the horror on the big screen, but it will definitely be worth your while!

Another movie you may be interested in watching during your visit to the Sexe Plage would be « A Midsummer Night’s Dream ». Directed by David Lean and written for his first ever film « Ladies of Leisure » this is a superb film from the late thirties that has a lot of style and a fantastic cast that includesike Marlow, James Stewart and Audrey Hepburn. You can guarantee that once you start enjoying this movie that there will never be another like it again. The movie takes place in the English countryside and follows the life of Evelyn de Mering who lives with her aunt and uncle in the small English village of Earls Court. While out one night she gets a disturbing dream in which she watches her best friend brutally murdered. When she comes to her senses she thinks she’s dead and the next day she’s in the hospital but by the end of the movie there is no sign of her.

You have to admit, even when you’ve already been to the best spas in Paris and London it still kind of makes you smile to see the classic French movies set in the small town of Sexe Plage. So, if you have a chance why not make it a weekend trip just for the experience? There are two different kinds of cinema in the area, so try out one of them. You can take in a movie from the locals who offer a variety of films on a Saturday and Sunday.

If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic than the people of Sexe Plage can provide. There are actually a couple of French movie scenes set in the town, which include an extremely explicit sex scene. It isn’t something that will appeal to everyone but if you’re into the French cinema then this is definitely worth a look.