Tukif Video: Learning to Defend Yourself in the Event of an Attack

The Tukif Video is an online website that showcases videos of members of the public doing several acrobatic moves. It was created by Khatum Dad Khan to serve as a sort of online ambassador and training resource for the martial arts community. This unique way of providing training videos for self-defense uses an innovative format that differs notably from those on which traditional media has traditionally presented its content. Many martial artists have praised the simplicity and directness with which the videos are produced, while noting some challenges inherent in their production.

The Tukif videos are prearranged lessons delivered in two-part segments. The first segment lasts approximately ten minutes long, and it includes instructional warm up techniques and tactical maneuvers. These include the usual array of blocks, parries, ripostes, throws, and counterattacks. The second segment features actual combat footage from actual matches between members of the Tukif family. Each combatant is asked to wear an appropriately designed protective gear, as well as partake in various pre-fight drills and sparring exercises.

Unlike traditional martial arts training videos, the Tukif video does not try to introduce viewers to specific martial arts techniques in order to gain them over to a more aggressive mindset. Instead, the videos encourage women to learn basic self-defense methods in the face of an attack. Women learn how to defend themselves by employing what they already know: their bodies. In doing so, they effectively nullify any martial art techniques that may otherwise be used against them. However, learning to employ these physical defenses need to begin sooner rather than later, and using the Tukif training videos will help women achieve this goal much more quickly than traditional martial arts classes.

When women are learning how to defend themselves, it is critical that they are able to know what to expect should they be attacked. To do this, the Tukif video provides information on common attacks and the countermeasures that are effective against them. The videos even provide demonstrations on how to escape from an attack as well. Using the Tukif video, women learn the basics of self-defense, which is essential for avoiding an attack and making a personal injury a thing of the past.

Tukif also produces a number of educational and entertaining videos designed to train women in various aspects of health and fitness. Through the Tukif website, women can take advantage of free downloads that give them tips and tricks on how to stay fit and healthy, while also learning to protect themselves in the case of an emergency. Tukif fitness videos provide women with an interactive way to learn fitness at home. They can learn about treadmills, elliptical trainers, swimming and other aerobic and strength-training exercises, while enjoying a relaxing workout at the comfort of their own home.

While most online retailers provide Tukif videos for download, the Tukif website allows women to watch the videos on their television screens. Tukif provides a number of television-style videos, including self-defense videos, which can be viewed on home television sets. Tukif has also signed a deal with several international television stations to air Tukif training videos in the United Kingdom and Spain. In addition to Tukif learning videos, Tukif also offers its own line of fitness and health products.