Tukui – A Relaxing and Beautiful Holiday Destination

Tu Kaui is one of the most popular beaches in the world. It is also one of the most well known in the country of New Zealand. For this reason, there are plenty of hotels in Tu Kauai that cater to tourists. Some of the most famous ones include The Rose Hotel, The Temple Hotel, and the Wai-O-Tapu Hotel.

Rose Hotel: This hotel is located in the quiet and exclusive area of Tukui, right on the shore of freshwater Huka Lake. It is situated about a two minute walk from the sea. The interior of this establishment has a tropical theme, with bright and rich colours. Rooms feature wood flooring, traditional open fires, and ocean-themed paintings. The Rose Hotel is one of the best hotels in the area for relaxation, chic, and comfortable amenities.

Temple Hotel: This hotel is a three star resort that is located on the south shores of Huka Lake, right next to the beach. It is the perfect base for an island retreat. The architecture of the hotel is classical and traditional, and there are tropical paintings all over the hotel. The hotel offers free daily breakfast and welcome drinks. The hotel features private swimming beaches, Jacuzzi baths, and daily maid service.

Wai-O-Tapu Hotel: This hotel sits on the south shores of Taupo Harbour and is right next to the beach. Its location makes it very convenient for travellers on a holiday to enjoy relaxing spa sessions, snorkeling, and swimming in the water. There are many activities to do on the beach, including surfing lessons, boating, and kayaking. There are also a variety of restaurants around the area that offer lunch and dinner.

Other popular resorts include Hanalei Bay, Kaikoura Beach, and Fern Grotto. These hotels are well known throughout New Zealand for their relaxing and luxurious settings. They are also close to places such as the shops in Te Puna and the restaurants in Taupo City.

Another option for those on a tukui vacation are the remote tukui lodges. These tutus lodges are usually found on the island itself and cater to travellers who want to get away from the main tourist areas. One such lodge is the Te Puna Tukui Lodge, which is only four miles from Taupo. The lodge is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and is secluded with its own private pool. Travellers can enjoy their own private outdoor hot tub, as well as hiking trails and river fishing.