Why Tukig Massagers Are a Must Have For Your Home?

If you are thinking about giving your mate an amazing foot massage, you should consider giving her a Tukig. If you do not know what a Tukig is, it is a hand tool that looks like a wooden stick that has three handles and that comes with a rubberized handle to keep your hands comfortable during the massage. The Tukig is a very versatile tool that is great for a wide variety of different massage applications. Here are some ways that you can use a Tukig.

One great way to use the Tukig is for when you are getting ready to give a deep tissue massage. A good quality Tukig is a great way to get a great massage because you can hold it just a little bit tighter and you will not have to worry about your hands sliding all over the area that you are massaging. You can just slip your fingers in and out a little bit and you are set. You do not need a lot of pressure to get a good massage using a Tukig.

Another great thing to do with the Tukig is when you are applying ointment or cream to your partner’s back. It is much easier to apply the cream or ointment if you have something that is a bit more firm as well. This is what the Tukig was designed for, so it is the perfect tool for rubbing down the back of your partner. You will be able to massage your partner without having to worry about your hands sliding all over the place.

If you are trying to teach your partner to relax and get into a relaxing state of mind, the Tukig is a great tool to use. You can slip your hand under their chin and just begin to rub up and down their jaw line. You can also start rubbing their temples as well, this is a great way to get them very relaxed. When your partner is relaxed, they are more open to the suggestions that you make.

Some people find that the Tukig works best under their clothing. They can wrap it around their waist and carry it where ever they want. When you are done, simply remove it and your partner will not even know you were working on them! This is a great tool to use in the bedroom also. You can slip it under your own clothes and work on your partner all night.

The Tukig is a great tool that everyone should have in their own home. It can help relieve tension all around the body. You will be able to provide your own form of massager. It is small and unobtrusive. It does not take up too much space so you can keep it easily in your home.