Video Coq Nu Trains

Video CoqNu is a form of martial arts that was invented by Chris Field, and it’s an extremely efficient system. It combines the best of traditional Wing Chun with new methods and applications. Chris Field is a self-proclaimed expert on Wing Chun and the author of several online videos. He’s also an instructor at a school in Wisconsin. He’s been able to get the techniques into the mainstream by being invited onto numerous television shows and into several live classes.

Video CoqNu is often mistaken for Baguazhang. They are very different. They do have some things in common however. Both forms of combat rely heavily on eye movements and the placement of one’s feet while executing motions, but unlike Baguazhang, there is not a lot of movement involved. The basics of both systems can be studied through online videos and DVDs.

The first thing you should know about Video CoqNu is that it’s actually a two part process. Part one, or « The Setting », consists of all the various movements you will execute when Baguazhang is not possible. Part two, or « The Execution », consists of everything you do when you’re actually fighting another human being. Each video will show you a starting point, an end point, and several bonus points to reinforce what you’ve just learned. You will spend about an hour with this class alone, so prepare to be active. If you have trouble viewing the video, don’t worry, you can study at your own pace.

I believe that Video CoqNu has the potential to revolutionize the way martial arts are taught in the western world. Unlike most forms of Kung Fu, which focuses primarily on power, speed, and endurance, this class will deal more with technique. With the use of video images you can reinforce what you’ve learned with real world examples. This way, you will learn how to fight from the safety of your own home, without the need to take a class. The videos are also accompanied by live instruction, to help clarify anything you didn’t understand the first time. The cost of this type of video is very affordable.

The hardest part of the class is probably the video portion, since I don’t have access to any VHS tapes of old Bruce Lee videos. I would definitely recommend using a video for this class over seeing a live instructor. You see, with Video CoqNu, you don’t always have someone looking over your shoulder and checking your posture. In the video, there’s always someone there to point out your mistakes.

Bruce Lee is very well known for his influence on Korean martial arts, but he also had a profound effect on martial artists of all styles, including Video Coqnu. His teachings are very applicable to modern day practitioners, as well. While the video portion may seem daunting, once you get started, it seems much less daunting. The way video Coqnu has been designed, it won’t even seem like you’re doing real martial arts at all.