Video cul gratuit

If ever there was a video with the least amount of swearing in Spanish language ever, it has to be the video Cul Gratuit. This movie is so bad some people actually laugh when they find it! For anyone who didn’t know this movie was due to air on Mexican television, you’d think that after the Mexican President insults American President Reagan for being « a pansy pig » that the whole country would fall flat on their faces. That’s not what happens, though.

The movie opens with our hero, a hot-shot photographer from California, hustling to get some pictures of the fiesta that is supposed to be held in Mexico City. One of the fiesta’s organizers has died and his funeral is being prepared. In order to avoid any mix-ups in the pictures that are taken, Cul Gratuit and his associate drag their photographer, Ignacio Salazar (Jorge Quevedo), out of the funeral procession. Then they head for the Hotel Zone, an underground bar owned by the narcos.

Their mission is to get the president of Mexico to cancel the fiesta, which is to be held just before he takes office. They don’t succeed. Instead, they capture and kill President Reagan (Pedro Parra), a hit at which the Mexican government has no hope of recovering. Meanwhile, Ignacio gets shot in the arm during the struggle, which would seem to disqualify him from trying to get the job in the first place, but it turns out that he’s much better at shooting than anyone else working in the Mexican film industry.

The movie is long on soap opera, complete with soap-opera style scenes set in every major city in Mexico. There’s one where the three American girls, Jill (Diane Lane), Beverly (Sandra Oh), and Stephanie (Sherry Cook), go on a wild drive in their old red convertible. There’s another in which Beverly, Jill, and Stephanie crash their wedding to avoid paying a hefty price. There’s also one in which the ex-presidents of both Mexico and the USA (the late Patricio Laguna Jr. and George H.W. Bush) conspire to stage a terrorist attack in which killing Al Qaeda operatives is supposed to take place in Mexico City. Video cul gratuit is funny, but it never feels like it goes anywhere.

The storyline is predictable, and predictable it is, but the directors don’t go that far. What they do go far enough is to present an event that could happen, and then they surprise us with what happens. They throw us a couple of curve balls, and most of us know exactly what happens, but it’s entertaining to see them go through the motions. This is especially true of the final showdown between Salazar and Marlin (pencil superstar Hector Elizondo), which doesn’t make a lot of sense, but nevertheless is hilarious. As is typical with Mexican movies, the climax happens and then you wait for the next episode to find out what happens.

This isn’t like other Mexican films I’ve seen. This one has a fantastic cast, and the acting is realistic and well done. If you like action movies with a good storyline, then I would recommend this movie…