Why Video Tuan Kutik Is the Perfect Gift?

Video Tu Kif is a new innovation by Tupperware, the makers of the popular video storage device, Smartpen. This small device is somewhat similar to a pen, with a screen and one or more little cameras. You can record what you eat or drink, or just basically experience the world around you without being encumbered by bulky equipment. Just place the Tupperware device into the provided slot, turn it on and begin recording. Then simply erase any unwanted footage by pressing and holding the eraser on the screen until you are ready to make a new video.

In addition to being a great tool for documenting everyday life, Tupperware vidos allow you to capture your everyday experiences, too. There are several different sizes to choose from: small (fits in a shirt pocket), medium (the smallest) and large. Some of the vidos have up to five cameras, allowing you to take a lot of great close-ups of your family and pets. You can also attach a Bluetooth microphone to the front of the unit to turn your digital video recorder into a portable television.

Another feature of this tiny appliance is the ability to control the volume using your voice, rather than having to hold the remote control. For example, if you want to turn up the volume so that other people can hear what you are saying, rather than hitting the record button, just say « increase volume. » That simple step helps you remember to do something every time you record a new video.

Tupperware’s Smartpen camera also has an amazing feature: it is programmable. This means that you can turn it into something else every time you want to use it. If you are taking a quick snapshot of a napkin at the dinner table, turn the Tupperware camera into your cell phone by pressing and holding the call capture button. Or attach the camera to your purse, wallet or backpack and use it to take a picture of you and your friends doing the deed.

The Tupperware Smartpen is also perfect for taking fast action videos. You can shoot several videos in a row without rewinding the process. Simply turn on the timer and take a series of pictures in quick succession. As you snap them one by one, they will appear on the screen in sequence. Just switch over to the digital camera and take another shot. Each image in the sequence will look clearer as it is captured.

It’s pretty obvious that the main objective behind this tiny food dehydrator is to make food preparation as easy as possible. And thanks to a cleverly disguised light sensor, it’s even easier than it has to be. The built-in infrared LED has the ability to turn on only when there is enough light to trigger its light sensor. Once, the light turns on, the camera takes a snapshot of everything in its range. That’s not all; you can also set the mode to take a series of regular pictures rather than one long video.