Video X Review – Franaises Secrets Comes to the U.S.

In the video « Video Killed the Radio Star » starring Edroll Fanstieck, Video X presents a new form of attack on video cassettes. It is a direct attack upon video porn. For those who still think that this new form of distribution is some kind of experiment gone bad, you would be wrong. This is the latest in a long series of video « confessions » presented by Video X.

The video tape begins with shots of a couple having sex. The words scrolling across the screen are « I love you Mom. » The video then pans to the back, revealing that it is actually the first of two minutes of Video X’s new line of video tapes called Pornos Franais.

Video X is owned by Video Production International, which is headed by Christian Audigier and wife Lisa Poster. Lisa is the mother of three children and husband Michael. Christian is a professional videographer who has produced award-winning video for clients such as Universal studios and Nike. He plans on using Video X to take his message to those who have remained passive about watching pornography.

What exactly does Video X stand for? The two words’ Video X is actually the brand name for an innovative new product that Video X believes will take the market by storm. Video X claims that this new product, Pornos Franais, is going to make watching adult movies more fun and exciting. They claim it will satisfy all the cravings that come with watching sexually-charged movies without any degradation or violence. This tape is also going to offer all the benefits that come with watching regular television but without the exposure to explicit scenes. This is important to many people because they do not want to make their home and family feel uncomfortable while watching videos.

One thing that is most interesting about this video tape is that it promises to launch in the United States within one month and it will be available in Canada within five. Video X says that the demand for this video tape will be very high due to the fact that it is a porno classic that hasn’t been released in the United States. This means that anyone who views this video tape will feel as though they are watching something that is truly good and that they are not just viewing something that has been dubbed over. Video X is doing a great job marketing their product and this latest product will surely find its way to the top of the charts.

The only way to know what the video tape will become popular for is to see how it is being marketed. It’s already causing a big buzz in the adult video community and it looks like it could be a big hit. So, if you want to view Franais, why not try a video tape of your own entitled Video X: Franaises Secrets. You can choose from the different packages that Video X has so you can start off low and end up high. If you choose this video tape, you can also be assured that you will get all the high quality service that you expect from the company that offers the best adult video tapes on the market today.