Video X-G gratuit Review

Video Xpert was developed by a group of developers in Canada. The software basically replaces the need for a laptop, a web camera and a web browser. All one needs is a PC with an Internet connection and a personal computer. The video converter is actually a software that can be downloaded for free. It has the potential to transform any ordinary home videos into professional movies that can be viewed anywhere in the world. This is a service that will cost more than a DVD or VCD but is still less expensive than the conventional video formats available.

Video Xpert offers a host of features that improve the quality of the videos shot on the computer. It can optimize the sound and video and even eliminates the « flickering effect » commonly found when video is captured with traditional methods. It takes care to display the video at its best and eliminates the « field blurring ». These features are especially useful for professional photographers who do not want their photos to appear fuzzy.

A movie maker’s dream is now possible with this technology. One can easily trim, move and pan the videos as they please. This makes it easy to create a « moving picture » without having to deal with a tripod. With the touch of a button, the video can be sped up or slowed down according to the need. This makes it possible for the amateur to catch up with the expert quickly.

Video Xpert also offers a free video library to choose from. If one uses the library, the video titles can be organized by season, month and day of the week. The list of movies can be downloaded in MP4 format. Each title can be saved to a hard drive for future reference.

A video editor cannot claim to have a perfect video. However, with the help of Video Xpert, editing becomes much easier. One can apply background music, apply special effects, create a trailer, add text or change the colors of the background. All these features make editing videos a lot simpler.

X-GT has all the qualities that a professional video editor would want. It is user friendly, efficient and offers a lot of features. The price is affordable, yet the quality is top notch. The company has a competitive price, yet is worth every penny. Anyone looking for a video editor should consider Video X-GT.