French Sex Videos

In this article we’re going to talk about the French way of sex: videos De Sexe. This is the new rage in adult entertainment. Videos De Sexe is a small video company located in France that has exploded onto the scene. This company is basically a video production company that specializes in producing erotic and sexy videos. If you’re looking for a new form of « vulgarity entertainment » these might be the place to look. If you’ve never seen one of these videos, it’s a little like playing porn for the aesthetic, sensual stimulation and erotic build up that really fuels the passion.

One of the videos I had the pleasure of watching was called « Au Dama Cougar ». It features two charming French girls giving each other an erotic blow job and in the background a police car passes by. This particular video had won an award at a contest held in the small town of Amboise. The women who were featured in this particular video are named Christelle and Corin. They are models who have appeared in magazines that feature French women.

Another video I had the pleasure of enjoying was called Bambino. In this video Corin is seen masturbating with a bottle of wine while Lea is also seen giving her girl a sensual blow job. This particular video is directed by Corin Malan and has been screened at various events around the country. All the other videos are produced by Video Sonar.

The next video I want to introduce you to is entitled Lesbian Bedroom Fun. This video stars Corin only, but the two are making out in an empty room as the music plays. As the video progresses, they start kissing and then start touching each other and running off to the bedroom. As the doors open in the back of the room Lea walks in and starts touching and kissing Corin. After that she pulls down her panties and exposes her beautiful body to the camera.

If you do not have access to the internet you could visit the website Video Sonar and view the videos there. Some of the videos I have already shown you are from the collection of the main company they work for. Other videos come from smaller companies or independent French producers. These videos have a low production value and the actors often speak little or no French. They are not exactly high quality but you can definitely tell that the actors had hours of fun filming them. Most of the French movies I have seen were made by well-known French directors and actors.

My favorite video is entitled Urgent. This is about a young man who lost his love in a car accident. While he is waiting for the police to arrive, he decides to have a drink and dials a number on his mobile phone. The video has some great shots of him drinking and talking on the phone but what really stands out is when he picks up his phone and begins to dial random numbers.