Hints and Tips For X Video

X Video is a leading online adult video website. XVideos has been launched in May 2007 in France. The site has since then been registered in the Czech company WGCZ Holding as a subsidiary. At present, it is the 8th most viewed porn site and the second most watched porn site in the planet.

The site offers two ways to watch X Video. The first is through the live video extension which can be accessed through the Internet Explorer or Firefox web browsers or through an installed desktop video player like Quicktime or RealPlayer. Live video extension can be accessed by clicking on the « x » icon at the bottom right corner of the browser’s main page. A pop up window containing the live video extension will appear. To access the other way, select « watch live » link from the navigation bar on the left side of the main page. Both the methods are easy to use and do not require advanced knowledge on the part of the user.

X Video utilizes the Windows and Linux platform and works quite smoothly under both Windows and Linux operating systems. On the other hand, the Linux operating system can be easily integrated with X Video using a graphical user interface (GUI). For those who prefer to use the Windows operating system for their web browser, a compatibility layer called Microsoft Video Manager can be used which provides advanced features such as animated text and mouse support. Video can also be played back using a third-party display server such as RealPlayer, and a browser can be opened using the Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) environment. Advanced functionality of the browser can be achieved by setting up additional pages in the web server.

Microsoft Silverlight browser is preinstalled on most systems and works fine with accelerated video playback using the HTML web site framework. Silverlight also allows streaming of video using the Webnik client-side architecture. Advanced Silverlight features include Live Preview, Auto Scrolling, Redraw, Popup windows, Document Search, Edit Deleting, JavaScript Highlighting and many more. For those who want a more customized experience, Silverlight can be customized using Microsoft Front Page (M Frontpage), which provides advanced features such as image gallery, enhanced search functionality, and pop-over windows. Silverlight is also capable of providing security authentication for protected websites through Windows Intrusion Prevention System(ISSP) and Internet Authentication Database (IAAD).

There are also other popular image display server technologies such as Chroma keying, Image Express and Dreamweaver. Chroma keying makes it possible to transmit images by way of a simple picture link which can be forwarded to another component without the need for transcoding the image first. However, the image quality may be low when Chroma keying is used with complex video streams. Image Express on the other hand is well known for its fast and convenient upload, although it lacks with image quality.

OpenMAX is the most powerful image display server available. It is capable of transmitting video and audio streams in real time. It uses the freeze protocol to control clients via a remote browser. Furthermore, OpenMAX offers support for multiple graphics cards, advanced video format decoding and encoding as well as PC video output/output redirection.