My Guilt Passion Review

What is Your Guilty Passion? A movie that makes you squirm a bit, My Guilt Passion is about a newly single man (Eli Yanez) who starts to fall for a new girl in school. He thinks he’s getting in touch with his sensual side, but when she turns out to be more than he expected, he’s faced with the possibility of finding love again – and his own demons. The film follows Eli as he struggles to deal with his guilt over his mistakes in love, while simultaneously trying to find his true partner for life.

Starring as Eli is his usual good friend played by Edward James. The two share a close friendship as they are always seen chatting in class, which ends up being a turning point for them both. One day, the two are hanging out in a park when an argument erupts between them and when it ends up with Eli pushing his friend, he gets angry and runs off in search of someone else to blame for the misunderstanding. It doesn’t take long for him to find his soul mate in the arms of another girl named Desiree (Sharon Stone). Unfortunately, Desiree discovers that her feelings for Eli are more than just physical – and that he’s been lying to her all this time.

If you’re looking for a movie that’s full of awkward silences, My Guilt Passion is not it. This is one of those movies where the character doesn’t speak much and you have to look for him to decode what’s going on. The scenes don’t seem to make any logical sense and the entire movie can be considered extremely surreal. For this reason, My Guilt Passion ranks as a very dark comedy. It doesn’t have much romance in it and most of the characters are soeless and lifeless.

However, there is one scene that I absolutely loved, and it was in the middle of the climax of the movie. When Eli finally catches his girlfriend after hours of lying around, he offers her a toast. She instantly feels loved and the old feeling of longing comes back. It ends with an emotional climax that you won’t soon forget.

The acting in My Guilt Passion is very good. Many of the actors and actresses who have voiced the role of Desiree are incredibly good at their jobs. They bring authenticity to the role and bring it to life. They’re convincing enough to make you laugh or cry. Combined with some good direction, this movie makes for a fun and entertaining movie that’s not only a love story, but also a suspenseful movie.

Like I said, My Guilt Passion isn’t your run of the mill romantic comedy. It’s very different from the usual. However, if you’re looking for a unique movie that will keep your attention, My Guilt Passion might be just what you’re looking for. It’s worth a watch!